Hot New Features

We are excited to announce the official release of Understand 6.1 with build 1078!  We have added several new features, let's take a look:

Graph Improvements

We've made it easier to find the perfect graph by grouping similar graphs together while providing variants to give the exact view you want. We've also improved the overall appearance of the default graphs and standardized many of the options - Watch the new graphs in action

Architecture Designer

Virtually organize your code in ways that make sense to you with the new Architecture Designer. It gives you a dedicated view to help you quickly sift through your code so you can start finding dependencies faster! Check it out here


We have overhauled how dependencies work under the hood. Additionally, now your team can identify which areas of the code should not depend on each other and make rules to avoid nasty entanglements. You can also browse and visualize those dependencies a lot more easily. Learn more about Dependency Rules


MISRA has been superseded by AUTOSAR and we can help your team adapt as well. CodeCheck now supports the vast majority of the AUTOSAR C++14 checks and we are adding more each week, there is also a new streamlined interface for CodeCheck to explore while you're there. Learn more here and see the full list of checks.

Windows 11 and Monterey Support

Early adaptors rejoice! Understand 6.1 officially supports Windows 11 and MacOS Monterey.

Updated Libraries
We have updated many of the libraries that Understand uses, both internally and with our APIs. We now use Qt 5.15.2, if you run on Linux this may affect what dependencies you'll need in order to install Understand. We have updated our Perl and Python APIs to versions 3.9.7 and 5.34.0 respectively. For security reasons, we have also updated our licensing communications to use OpenSSL 1.1.1L.

Have you used these features?

Our rapid release cycle means that we release features when they are ready, so you don’t have to wait for the official release to try it out. Here are some of the features we added after 6.0 was released.

Control Flow Compare Graph

Quickly identify the impact from a specific change with this new graph variant, and see how the logic changed between versions. Learn more


Unlock the power of Understand with our Python API! We now bundle Python with Understand so you can start scripting right away. The new binary is called upython, learn how to use it!

Git Integration

Explore who changed your code and when it was modified. Understand shows you side-by-side differences and commit information directly in your source. Explore your timeline in Understand.

Session Browser - Exploring a call tree only to be interrupted by a coworker asking about an unrelated function? Now you can save different states of Understand and switch between them easily. Master Session Browsing