Installation Instructions

Uncompress and extract the contents of the installation file. For example: 

% tar -xvzf Understand-4.0.800-Linux-64bit.tgz

 This will extract Understand. The executable is located in the bin directory. 

% cd scitools/bin/linux64
% ./understand

Supported Distributions

Understand 6.1  is built on Qt 5.15.2, these are the platforms that Qt Supports.

openSUSE 15.1x86_64GCC 5 or later, GCC 7, ICC 19.1
SUSE Linux Enterprise Serverx86_64GCC 5 or later, GCC 10
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6x86_64GCC 5.3.1 via devtoolset-4
Ubuntu 18.04x86_64GCC 5 or later, GCC 9
Generic Linuxx86_64GCC (5 or later), ICC 18.x

Additional Libraries

These additional libraries may need to be installed depending on your distribution:

  • libxcb-xinerama0 
  • libxkbcommon-x11-0
  • openssl-1.1.1l

Add to PATH (Optional)

The PATH variable should be updated for each user, either in a
system-specific location or individually by each user. Add the appropriate bin directory to the path e.g.:

 % export PATH=$PATH:/home/myname/scitools/bin/linux64

Add STIHOME variable for C API use (Optional)

If you’re planning on using the C API, add the STIHOME variable to your environment as well. It should point to the directory where Understand is installed. e.g: 

% export STIHOME=/home/myname/scitools


Desktop Shortcut (Optional)

The easiest way to create a desktop shortcut to Understand is via a .desktop file saved to ~/.local/share/applications. For example:


[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Analyze it, measure it, visualize it, maintain it - Understand it
GenericName=Static analysis tool