Git Integration is a convenient and powerful way for Understand users to view commit history and other Git information directly in their source code. With Git Integration, you’re now able to see who changed or created a file, view version differences side-by-side, and see commit information, all without leaving Understand.

If you go to Understand → Preferences on a Mac, or Tools → Options if you’re on a Windows machine,

then go to the Editor options, there is a checkbox option to enable the Blame Margin in the Editor.

When enabled, along the left margin of the Editor you’ll see the initials of the programmer that wrote or changed each line of code.

From the Options interface, under Advanced, you can also enable the “Show Inline Blame” option.

This will allow you to view Git information such as the author, commit date, message, and commit ID right inside the editor by selecting any line of code.

You can also access Git information through the Information Browser. Expand the ‘History’ dropdown to see a chronological list of every commit made to the file.

By clicking on a commit here or the Blame Margin, a History Diff View tab will be brought up.

In this tab you can compare the changes that were made in any given commit side-by-side. The older version of the file will be on the left side, and the newer version will be on the right. In the header of this tab you’ll see the date both versions were created or changed, and you can cycle between commits by clicking the arrow icons.

Check out our video on Git Integration below for a full introduction!