Track License Usage

Do you ever wonder how many licenses are really being used? Are engineers saying they don’t have any licenses available when they need them? We have added Floating License Tracking to make answering these questions a little easier. After upgrading the License Manager to build 793 or later, the server administrator can choose a location to save the log file, and start logging right from the License Manager GUI.


Once the logging is enabled take a look at the different graphs that are available by selecting the ‘Reporting’ tab. If your license file consists of different major versions of Understand, they will be color coded and divided up accordingly.

License Usage by Month

License Usage by Week

License Usage Daily

Notice that these graphs also show the number of times that a license was denied, meaning that all of the licenses were already in use when an engineer tried to get a license. This can help a team know if they need more licenses and help determine how many are needed.

If you like to see the raw data, or just want to see some more details, take a look at the log table that is available under the Reporting->Log Table tab.

Log Table

If you still want more data than this, you can use the command line to export a csv file and use the information however suits you best. The command is almstatus -b and is formatted as shown here (almstatus -help also shows this information):

-b – alternate output – Report logging csv format:
License Name,
Date and Time,
In Use,
Checked Out,
Checked In,
Max Out,
Maintenance Expiration,
List of Users and Hosts
Minor separator for User List :|:
Major separator for User List :||:

Prior to these new options, the easiest was to setup a scheduled task or cron job on the license server that runs the following command on a regular basis:

almstatus -a >>licenseLog.csv

This command outputs how many licenses of each type are currently being used in a comma delimited format. By appending this information to a csv file you can easily track and/or graph the license usage over time. This option is still available for those who prefer this route.