Offline License Checkout


Many of Understand’s licensing features require internet access. You can use Understand offline, however your license will not work on any other machines while it is being used in offline mode. There are two different ways to switch to offline mode, depending on if you currently have an internet connection or not. If you’re currently connected you can enter offline mode with a couple clicks. If you are already “off the grid” then you will need to have Understand generate a code which you will then communicate to your license administrator to get a reply code and date.

IMPORTANT: If you are an IT person doing this for your user, make sure to log in with the user account on the machine where Understand is installed. Checking out the license DOES NOT enable the machine for all users, only for the single user used during checkout.

Checkout With Internet Access

If you are online and know you will be going offline for an extended period you can quickly checkout your license by selecting Help->Licensing, then select Options->Enter Offline Mode. That’s it!


Checkout Without Internet Access

To run Understand on a machine with no Internet Access first get an offline request code. If the machine has never had a license on it you will see the dialog below. If the machine has been licensed previously the Request Offline Code will be under the Licensing->Options dialog.


Once you select that option Understand will take you to the Offline License Request dialog where you can find your Request Code.

This code needs to be entered into the SciTools Licensing Portal by your license administrator to obtain a Reply Code. Contact for help with this or to request an offline trial.

In the Licensing Portal, find the license you wish to checkout and hit the checkout toggle and then enter the request code.


A message will popup with your reply code and expiration date which then needs to be entered in Understand.



At that point the license is checked out and you should successfully be able to use Understand. Congratulations!

License Checkin

If you finish using Understand in Offline mode before the expiration date you can check the license back into the Licensing Portal so it can be used on other machines. If you are connected to the internet simply open Help->Licensing and select Options->Enter Online Mode and the license will be freed.


If the machine is staying offline but Understand is no longer needed you will generate a return code to send to the Licensing Portal. From the same Options dropdown, select Return Offline Code. The dialog that pops up will have a button that generates a License Return Code. Once you generate that Return Code, UNDERSTAND WILL NO LONGER FUNCTION.


This code needs to be entered into the Licensing Portal otherwise the license will be inaccessible. Use the Offline Code and the green Offline badges, to find the matching license in the Portal and select Options->Check-In License.


Enter the Return code to Checkin the license.



Extending an Offline License

If a key is already checked out then the license can be extended without checking in, saving you a step in the process.

At go to the checked out license and select Options->Extend Offline License


Copy the new offline code and new expiration date.

Go to the Understand GUI and go to Help->Licensing and click on Options->Extend Offline Code

Enter the new code and the new date in the GUI


And you’re done!