Offline License Checkout

This page walks through checking out an offline Understand license without an active internet connection.

  • This process is for active licenses only. Apply for an offline trial here.
  • Using a license offline will lock it so it cannot be used anywhere else
  • This will only work for the user account the licenses is checked out with, it DOES NOT enable the machine for all users

License Request Code

To run Understand on a machine with no Internet Access first get an offline request code. You will find it under the Licensing->Options dialog.
offline request code

This code needs to be entered into the SciTools Licensing Portal by your license administrator to obtain a Reply Code.

License Reply Code

In the Licensing Portal, find the license you wish to checkout and hit the checkout toggle and then enter the request code.

If you have multiple licenses make sure to use a meaningful name to help you remember where this licenses is installed. You can also select an earlier expiration date if you want the license returned before it expires.

offline request

A message will pop up with your reply code and expiration date which then needs to be entered in Understand.

reply code

Enter the Reply Code in Understand


Congratulations! At that point the license is checked out and you should successfully be able to use Understand.

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