Node Locked Licenses

Note: This license type has been discontinued and will not work on Understand 5.0 or newer!

A Node-Locked license is a variant of the floating license that allows multiple people to use Understand on a single specific machine. Node Locked licenses are most often used in secured lab environments since there is no license server that needs to be setup and no internet access needed.

Setup Instructions

  1. First a floating license needs to be purchased.
  2. Next, download and install Understand on the machine where it will reside. If needed the installer can be downloaded elsewhere and burned to a disk or USB drive. If you are running an older version of Understand let us know since it may require a different license.
  3. Open a Command prompt and run the command scitools/bin/<OS>/almhostid to generate the unique identifier of that machine.
  4. It will be in the form: XXXXXXXX-2/Machine-Name
  5. Send that information to and let them know you would like a node-locked license instead of a traditional floating license
  6. We will send you a file named locallicense.dat, place that file in to the scitools/conf/license/ folder and on MacOSX place the file in the Users directory here: ~/Library/Application Support/SciTools/license/ (the license directory will need to be created). It is a text file, so if necessary, the file can be manually typed into the target machine.
  7. Launch Understand. The license should be instantly recognized and you should have full functionality. If there are any problems, contact support and we’ll get you up and running ASAP!