Installing on Mac OSX

To install Understand on Mac OSX, download the .dmg and double click on it after it has completely downloaded.


A window will open with the Applications folder and the Scitools folder in it.

Drag the Scitools folder on top of the Applications folder. This will move all the needed Scitools files to the Applications directory.


To run Understand, go to Applications->scitools->bin->macosx and double click on Understand.


On newer versions of Mac, sometimes an error will occur saying that the “ can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer“. The easiest way to bypass this is to right-click and select Open. The technical explanation for this is that the error is from software on the Mac called Gatekeeper and happens because of the way we bundle Understand. Understand is a “signed app” but because it loads libraries outside of the app bundle, Gatekeeper flags it as unidentified.