How Can I See Who Has a Floating License Checked Out?

The command almstatus will show what licenses are checked out by the License Manager.

The almstatus executable can be run from a client or the license server, and needs to be accessed through a command prompt. It is located in the same directory as Understand.


On the license server below, Pete Kuhlmann has 1 license of Understand for C checked out.

Using V2 License File: C:\Program Files\SciTools\conf\license\license.dat
Server: shire (hostid: 8bd0ea3a, port: 9000)
understand qty: 3 inuse: 1 checkout: 8 checkin: 7 timeout: 0 deny: 1 maxout: 1
key: 0x7a05b82d user: Pete Kuhlmann host: KuhlKoder qty: 1 age: 5s, expires: 55


  • qty: Total number of licenses available
  • inuse: Total number of licenses currently being used
  • checkout: Running count of licenses that have been checked out
  • checkin: Running count of licenses that have been checked back in
  • timeout: Running count of licenses that have timed out & been checked in automatically
  • deny: Running count of requested licenses denied for any reason
  • maxout: The highest number of licenses checked out at any given time

All of these are reset every time the service is started.