Build Notes (1191) - 20 Jun 2024


  • Add strict c++ analysis support for IAR 8051 compiler


  • Fix inconsistent integer metrics from rounding.

Language - C++ (Strict)

  • Add missing init and assign references for aggregate initialization in a return statement
  • Change object data member option to write define references for all fields at the variable definition location
  • Fix failure to record indirect call references for some QObject::connect calls
  • Qualify lambda functions by their enclosing context

New Project Wizard

  • Add an option to include the parse information inside the project directory. This may make a parsed project usable on another machine, but only if all the paths are identical. 


  • Style C++ raw strings as double-quoted strings in the editor 


  • Add violations for checks that are always run when using the C++ strict parser when the fuzzy parser is selected 
  • Add errors to the Compliance Violation report

CodeCheck Checks

  • C and C++
    • Types
      • CPP_T038: Add option to allow regular expression patterns
  • Published Standards
      • A3-9-1: Add option to allow regular expression patterns
    • MISRA
      • Add check MISRA23_8.2.10 "Functions shall not call themselves, either directly or indirectly"
      • Add check MISRA23_15.1.1 "An object's dynamic type shall not be used from within its constructor or destructor"
      • Add check MISRA23_0.2.2 "A named function parameter shall be used at least once"

Known Issues

  • Understand not recognizing C# Visual Studio 2022 project files
  • Inaccurate Column References in CodeCheck Violations When Using Tabs
  • Entity filter list may be blank on Windows
  • Incorrect control flow graph when simplify macro expansion is enabled