Build Notes (1185) - 14 May 2024


  • Add "Assignments" and "Assigned To" graphs (C++ Strict)

Language - C++ (Strict)

  • Change the kind of constructor calls referenced during member initialization to implicit
  • Fix assignment to function template parameters
  • Write assign references between variables and functions
  • Add analysis log error for missing auto include files

Language - Web (PHP)

  • Added 'typed' relations for all types in unions and intersections.
  • Added Readonly modifier.
  • Added support for Php 8 automatically defined properties from class constructor parameters.
  • Added support for Php enums.
  • Added support for a spread operator in an array and for a parenthesized expression for a type reference in a 'new' expression.
  • Added support for attributes.
  • Added support for dynamic static property lookup.
  • Added support for match expressions.
  • Added support for named parameter association.
  • Added support for new heredoc/nowdoc syntax.
  • Added support for throw expressions and catch statements with type only.
  • Added support for use of first class callable syntax: name('...').
  • Fixed some issues with text collection for type hints.
  • Added support for '_' in numberic literals. Added support for keywords as names of class constants.
  • Added support for type hints on class properties.
  • Added Typed relations and type text to class properties with type hints.
  • Added support for arrow functions.
  • Added support for using keywords for names of class members.
  • Made changes to allow references to class constant array elements.
  • Made changes to handle union and intersection type hints.

Known Issues

  • Project Overview may not open for some large projects 
  • Entity filter list may be blank on Windows 
  • Incorrect control flow graph when simplify macro expansion is enabled