1. Install Understand which comes with UServer, the Understand language server

  2. Make the userver executable accessible to Visual Studio Code by adding it to your PATH:

    On Windows, add "C:\Program Files\SciTools\bin\pc-win64" to the system PATH. if not already done during the installation of Understand

    On Linux and Mac, run

    sudo ln -s /your/path/to/userver /usr/bin

    to make a link to the executable ( because PATH is ignored by Node.js ).

    If having issues with this, try adding the /usr/local directory instead. The path /usr/local/bin doesn't exist by default, but you can create it and put custom binaries (and symlinks) in it:

    sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/bin
    sudo ln -s /your/path/to/userver /usr/local/bin

  3. Open Visual Studio Code and install Understand for Visual Studio Code, if you haven't already

Project Creation

  1. Using at least 1 source code file, create a project in Understand, resulting in a .und folder

  2. If you want to see violations from CodeCheck, make your CodeCheck configuration(s) run in the background

  3. In Visual Studio Code, open a folder/workspace with those source code files

  4. If the .und folder is visible, then the extension starts automatically. Otherwise, open a code file in a supported language to start the extension.

 What happens next, automatically

  • If the file is a supported language, then the Understand language server will start.

  • On the bottom status bar on the left, hover and see that it's connected.

  • If there's a .und folder somewhere in the file explorer, it will be selected automatically by the language server.

If anything went wrong, check our FAQ