Build Notes (1171) - 2 Feb 2024

Build Watcher

  • Fix issues importing quoted arguments from Build Watcher


  • Respect system cursor blink period setting


  • File Dependencies Graph, style updates
  • File Dependencies graph, add legend
  • Fix classic graph bug where a virtual call to a base class function would not show the base function calls
  • Graphs add option for bidirectional edges and set it to show each edge by default instead of collapsing into a single edge. Only affects simplified, cluster, relationship, and compare variants of non-dependency tree-like graphs. Also disable bidirectional style by default in calls graph since bidirectional edges are not collapsed by default.

Language - C#

  • Fixed bug where 'base' and 'this' on constructor declarations did not result in call references

Language - Java

  • Added support for Java SE 21 pattern matching in switch statements
  • Fixed bug where use of arrow syntax in switch branches was not shown correctly in the control flow graph
  • Fixed syntax error on the use of a wildcard parameter which extends an array of a primitive type (e.g. “<? extends byte[]>”)

Language - Pascal

  • Fix virtual calls in Pascal Calls IB field

Language - VHDL

  • Fix port resolve error

Known Issues

  • Selected sub-directories may be inaccurate in CodeCheck 
  • Entity filter list may be blank on Windows 
  • Incorrect control flow graph when simplify macro expansion is enabled 
  • Collapsed code no longer accessible when modifying first line of a collapsed block