Build Notes (1146) - 8 Aug 2023


  • Don't show duplicate annotations in the annotation viewer.


  • Add check "Check Parameters and Return Values - Return Values"


  • Update to Qt 6.5.2 to fix an issue on Mac where other apps with Accessibility access would crash Understand
  • Improve tooltip text for template or generic functions
  • Move global progress indicator from status bar to top right toolbar.


  • Allow self-edges in built-in graphs.
  • Fix classic butterfly graph layout to repeat nodes that appear in both trees.

Language - Basic, Java, Pascal

  • For Basic, Java, Pascal, changed kind for generic type parameters to 'GenericParameter Type' to be consistent with the kind name in C++ and to fix problem with the 'parameters()' method returning generic type parameters along with method parameters. 
  • For Pascal, added generic parameters to the type text for variable, parameters, and method return types.
  • For Pascal, fixed bug where two entites were created for a generic type paramter on a method where the method appears in both the interface and implementation sections.
  • For Java, added new kinds 'Typed GenericArgument' and 'Use GenericArgument' for references to types as arguments in generic instantiations. The 'Typed' form is used when the reference is part of the type definition for a variable, parameter, or method and the 'Use' form is used for all other contexts.

Language - C++ (Strict)

  • Change reference kind of template arguments appearing in non-declaration contexts from "Typed TemplateArgument" to "Use TemplateArgument"

Language - C++ 

  • Restore showing c++ function pointer calls on IB call and callby trees

Known Issues

  • Some CodeCheck violations may be missing when enabling “Run automatically in the Background” 
  • Entity filter list may be blank on Windows 
  • License manager occasionally displays a threading warning 
  • Incorrect control flow graph when simplify macro expansion is enabled 
  • Collapsed code no longer accessible when modifying first line of a collapsed block