Build Notes (1145) - 31 Jul 2023


  • Fix crash after analysis with the check selection dialog open
  • Add severities to the violation browser and information browser.
  • Add many compiler warnings to CodeCheck


  • Fix comparison project diff view when database files are read-only.


  • Add -disableWebEngine command line argument to Understand
  • Fix metrics browser crash on architecture change
  • Fix hang when creating a project from a large watched directory


  • Call graphs include bidirectional edge style by default.
  • Compare control flow graph improve edge labels when filtering is on.
  • Graph legends add tooltips for edge indicators.

Language - C#

  • Fixed bug where MaxNesting for a parent method with a nested method was always zero. 
  • Fixed bug where MaxNesting metric was always zero for 'get' and 'set' property accessors. 
  • Fixed bug where MaxNesting was always 0 for lambda methods and was sometimes incorrect for methods containing lambda methods.
  • Add Generic Parameters IB field for C#
  • Update C# dependency entities
  • Made the kind for generic type parameters 'GenericParameter Type' to be consistent with naming used in C++. 

Language - C++ (Fuzzy)

  • In fuzzy c++ parser, improve references to members in hierarchies of unnamed structs.
  • Missing Header Files cannot be found - Use the analysis log missing includes list to populate the missing includes dialog from the Project Overview page and from the Project - Improve Project Accuracy - Missing Includes. 

Language - C++ (Strict)

  • Fix invalid resolve for members of unnamed records

Language - Fortran

  • Fixed bug where preprocessor line continuations using '\' in fixed format fortran code caused syntax errors.
  • Fixed bug where the use of '#' in a string literal sometimes caused a syntax error.

Known Issues

  • Entity filter list may be blank on Windows 
  • License manager occasionally displays a threading warning 
  • Incorrect control flow graph when simplify macro expansion is enabled 
  • Collapsed code no longer accessible when modifying first line of a collapsed block