Build Notes (1143) - 30 Jun 2023

  • Add c functional macros to UML Sequence Diagram.
  • Fix regression in metrics treemap options remembering last used settings.
  • Fix intermittent crashes on some graphs
  • Move dependency export progress dialog to the new global progress bar.
  • Fix error when clicking on the Filters button on the metric definitions page.
  • Fix metrics CSV export to not include commas in large numbers.
Python API
  • Raise an exception on attempt to open or close a database from a plugin script
  • Add .upy extension as a Python file type.

Entity Locator
  • Fix filter field layout regression on scroll
Language - C++ (Strict)
  • Add missing constructor init list reference to class template base type
Language - Fortran
  • Fixed bug where using '!' as 'not' in a preprocessor condition resulted in incorrect condition evaluation.
Language - Web/Typescript
  • Added support for .cts, .mts, .cjs, and .mjs extensions. 
  • Added support for arbitrary file extensions mapped to a file with extension d..ts (for example, an import of 'file1.css' maps to 'file1.d.css.ts'. 
  • Improved handling of 'import = require(...)' and 'export name = ...' syntax. 
  • Added support for 'satisfies' operator. 
  • Fixed bug where a label on a tuple type element caused a syntax error.
Violation Browser
  • Update Violation Browser count field width