We are thrilled to unveil Understand 6.4, a significant update designed to address your most pressing code analysis pain points. Packed with new features and enhancements, this release equips you with powerful capabilities to tackle complex codebases and streamline your development workflows. Let's explore how Understand 6.4 can help you overcome common challenges and achieve greater efficiency:

Reach ISO26262 Compliance

We are proud to announce that Understand has achieved certification for ISO26262, IEC 61508, and EN 50128 compliance from TuvSud, a trusted and renowned certification body. This certification demonstrates our commitment to delivering a robust and reliable code analysis solution. For users with specific compliance requirements, we now offer a dedicated compliance package that includes the necessary certification to integrate Understand seamlessly into ISO26262-compliant systems.

Our Certifications

Create Custom Metrics and Unleash Deeper Insights

Extend the metric capabilities of Understand with custom metrics. By utilizing the Python and Perl APIs, you can now create your own metrics and incorporate them seamlessly into graphs and reports, just like our built-in metrics. This customization unlocks the potential to tailor Understand to your unique requirements, enabling you to derive deeper insights from your code analysis.

With custom metrics, you have the freedom to explore various aspects of your codebase that are important to your specific needs. Here are a few examples of the possibilities:

Visualize Code Coverage

Import and visualize coverage data from your testing tools using the Coverage Highlighting Plugin. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how your tests are exercising different parts of your codebase, enabling you to identify areas that may require additional testing or optimization.

Identify Code Churn

Utilize the Git Metrics plugin to identify the parts of your code that undergo frequent changes. By pinpointing areas with high code churn, you can prioritize refactoring efforts, improve stability, and enhance maintainability.

Calculate Maintainability

The Halstead Maintainability Index is a proven metric for evaluating the maintainability of your code. By leveraging this plugin, you can identify code segments that are easy to care for and those that might pose challenges when modifications are needed. This insight allows you to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively.

Unleash your creativity and unlock deeper insights with custom metric plugins. The possibilities are endless, and the ability to tailor Understand to your specific needs empowers you to extract maximum value from your code analysis efforts.

Checkout the new Metrics Plugin Library

Streamline Metric Management

Focus on Your Preferred Metrics

With Understand 6.4, easily locate the metrics that matter most to you. A simple configuration change in the Metrics page allows you to access the metrics aligned with your needs, ensuring a focused analysis experience.

Access Comparison Metrics Anywhere

Seamlessly explore and utilize comparison metrics throughout Understand. True metrics, including percentage changes and new lines, can be leveraged to enhance your graphs and gain valuable insights. Note that comparison metrics are available when working with a comparison project.


Enjoy a more streamlined experience with consistent metric IDs. Understand 6.4 updates metric IDs for better consistency. If you still rely on the old IDs, a plugin enables seamless mapping to the new IDs. Additionally, the update enhances metric documentation with higher-resolution images and provides clearer descriptions within the graphical user interface.

Upgrade to Understand 6.4 today and benefit from streamlined metric management and customization, ensuring a focused analysis, access to powerful comparison metrics, and the ability to create custom metrics tailored to your needs.

Learn more about these Metric Changes here

Integrate Violation Reporting into Your Workflow

Managing CodeCheck's violations and seamlessly incorporating them into your DevOps workflow has never been easier. With Understand 6.4, we introduce a powerful feature that allows you to effortlessly integrate CodeChecks findings into your existing DevOps processes. By leveraging the Python API, you can programmatically retrieve CodeChecks violations, enabling smooth integration with your CI/CD pipelines, issue-tracking systems, and other essential components of your DevOps toolchain.

Whether you need to enforce code quality gates, trigger automated builds, or generate comprehensive reports, the enhanced integration capabilities of Understand 6.4 empower you to leverage CodeChecks findings within your existing DevOps ecosystem. Embrace the power of streamlined integration and unlock a seamless, end-to-end code analysis experience that aligns with your DevOps workflow.

See the CodeCheck API in action

Follow the SEI Cert Standard

We have expanded CodeCheck's capabilities by adding support for the SEI Cert standard. With this addition, you can ensure adherence to industry-recognized coding standards and improve the quality and security of your codebase. Understand now provides comprehensive SEI Cert compliance analysis for both C and Java languages. We are actively working on extending this support to C++ and more checks will be added each build.

Download Understand 6.4

Bonus Features!

  • Benefit from enhanced performance and stability as Understand 6.4 incorporates the latest Qt 6.5 technology.
  • The New Project Wizard has a new appearance - create a new project and check it out!
  • You can now set violations to be ignored inline or in the Violation Browser, both by comments or annotations