Build Notes (1137) - 6 Apr 2023

Architecture Designer

  • Fixed text for the description of 'Instructions to build your architecture' key in the resource file


  • Remove the CodeCheck save on Inspect for the ignores file in order to fix the issue with baselining CodeCheck violations.
  • Long texts are truncated in CodeChecks' description - Text was not being truncated but the horizontal scrollbar was not working. The horizontal scrollbar is now working properly.
  • Selected CodeCheck config is overwritten by importing another config - Issue is fixed and current selected configuration is no longer overwritten by the importing configuration.
  • Update the previewer to not take focus when activated from CodeCheck results.


  • When single as well as multiple entities are selected in the Entity Filter, 'Ctrl+c' will copy the entity names to the clipboard. Also, used the right click menu, 'Copy Fullname', that will do the same.


  • Copying multiple Entity Filter lines - replace the action of "Copy Full Name" with the new copy entity name action and removed 'Copy Entity Names"
  • Fix potential crash on project close


  • Fix Butterfly Compare (Classic) graph ignoring of multi-line /* ...*/ comments.
  • Update default options for to match current options available


  • Fix visual studio import of configurations with parentheses in the name.

Info Browser

  • Change C# and Java SameName IB fields to Overloads
  • Add Overloads IB field for Ada
  • Add Overloads IB field for Basic methods
  • Add Overrides and OverriddenBy IB fields for C#    
  • Add VirtualType and VirtualCalls options to C# CalledBy and References IB fields
  • Add VirtualCalls and VirtualType options to C++ CalledBy and References fields
  • Change java CalledBy and References IB fields to identify static calls instead of dynamic calls

Interactive Reports

  • IReports use last used options instead of default options when options popup is not shown.
  • Change the IReport entity double click to match entity double clicks in other parts of the tool.


  • Fix some Entity Locator string localizations.

Language - C++ (Strict)

  • Fix worker process crash on malformed Objective-C for-in statement
  • Add missing references to types and fields referenced inside of __builtin_offsetof expressions

Language - C#

  • Fixed bug where overload resolution cold be incorrect when overloaded methods were inherited from ancestor classes and additional overloads were defined in the child class.
  • Fix duplicate entries in Scopelist for C# and Java

Language - Python

  • Fixed bug where variables declared as global within functions but having no assignment statement at the file level were generating Unknown Variables.

Language - Web

  • Fixed bug where xml and css file counts were sometimes incorrect. Fixed bug where a src of a php file from html caused an attempt to parse as Javascript.

Known Issues

  • Variables in CodeCheck may appear as "unnamed" 
  • Error calling ent.draw() using custom Python 
  • License manager occasionally displays a threading warning 
  • Incorrect control flow graph when simplify macro expansion is enabled 
  • Collapsed code no longer accessible when modifying first line of a collapsed block