Build Notes (1135) - 13 Mar 2023


  • Fix crash in associated c comments

Command Line(Und)

  • Fix report group by directory und setting


  • Some translations not showing - Fix the About Page translation
  • Fix translation of graph options


  • Don't show git related errors in stderr unless STI_GIT_ERRORS environment variable is defined

Info Browser

  • Fix crash on exit when an info browser context menu is visible


  • Menu Bar Changes - Added 'Violation Browser" to the View Menu and the Annotations - 'Browse All Annotations' is now the top menu item

Language - Basic

  • Fixed potential parser crash
  • For Visual Basic, fixed syntax errors on some uses of XML literals

Language - C++ (Fuzzy)

  • Fix crash in associated c comments

Language - C++ (Strict)

  • Add missing references to entities made visible through using declarations
  • Avoid counting semicolons in inactive code
  • Change constructor and destructor type text from "void" to empty
  • Fix CountStmt metric for for statements
  • Fix failure to count lines with nothing but a semicolon as "code" lines
  • Fix missing "friend" reference for friend functions defined inline
  • Fix missing references in C++17 if/swtich init statements
  • Allow C++20 to be chosen as a language standard
  • Fix crash in associated c comments

Language - Ada

  • Added support for Ada to script

Language - Python

  • Fixed crash when the parser attempted to read some .so files found in the import path

Language - Web

  • For Web,Typescript,Javascript, fixed syntax errors on property declarations without terminating semicolons
  • For Web/Typescript, fixed bug where arrow functions were not included in the CountDeclFunction metric

Known Issues

  • Install warning when rolling back to a previous build after installing build 1135 on Windows
  • License manager occasionally displays a threading warning 
  • Incorrect control flow graph when simplify macro expansion is enabled 
  • Collapsed code no longer accessible when modifying first line of a collapsed block