Understand 6.3 includes the Violation Browser to see your CodeCheck results. From here you can see all of the violations in your project or customize what you want to focus on by filtering the results and easily jumping to the location of the violation in the editor. 

All Analysis Errors and Warnings will be reported in the Violation Browser and can be opened by clicking on the warning icon in the Editor Toolbar or going to Checks->Browse Violations in the main menu. To see all CodeCheck violations here, simply enable Background Static Analysis

Sometimes the amount of violations in a project can be overwhelming. We have added options to customize the results so you only see what you care about. There are a few default options available in the Filter dropdown and you can see that the filter syntax is automatically populated in the filter field so you can always see what filter you have applied.

This is just the beginning! There are endless possibilities to filter your results. Simply click on the question mark to the right of the filter box to see them. The filter syntax is based on GitHub's search syntax and if your project is associated with a git repository, you can use a commit hash, commit hash prefix, branch name, or tag name for filtering.