Understand 6.3 adds the ability to run checks against your code automatically as you write it, and it shows the results inline next to your code for quick resolution!

It's easy to select checks to run in the background. From the top-level Checks menu choose Select Checks. This will open the CodeCheck check selection window. From there click on an existing configuration you've already created, or click the + button to create a new one and select the checks you want to run. Then make sure the "Run Automatically in the background" option is selected and hit save.

That's all the setup that's needed! After that, whenever your project analyzed, CodeCheck will start running automatically in the background. You can see that it is running with the spinning icon in the upper right corner of the editor window. 

Next to the spinner, the warning Icon shows the number of violations in your file (11 in this case). Clicking on the warning icon is a shortcut to the Violation Browser, which lets you easily see and filter all of the violations in your project. The up and down arrows let you easily navigate to the previous and next issues in this file.