Build Notes (1124) - 27 Oct 2022


  • CodeCheck change ignored status to have precedence over excluded status
  • Update CodeCheck to correctly check for modified files and prompt the user to analyze before inspecting


  • Windows dark mode fix disabled checkbox text

Language - C#

  • Fixed problem where an Understand C# project created from a Visual Studio solutions file that contained multiple Visual Studio projects shared 'global using' statements between all files in the Understand project instead of just the files from the same Visual Studio project

Known Issues

  • Cannot load nested classes with entity names containing “$” in Java
  • Graph legend: dashed lines aren't working
  • Understand crashes after opening 25-30+ graphical views 
  • Can't use ent->draw() with the Perl API
  • Incorrect control flow graph when simplify macro expansion is enabled
  • Understand freezes when opening a project with 100+ editor windows 
  • Collapsed code no longer accessible when modifying first line of a collapsed block