Build Notes (1111) - 21 Jul 2022


  • Fix for missing CodeCheck results when exporting detailed results .txt file
  • Save CodeCheck configuration names in CodeCheck config files
  • Update codecheck_template.upy.REMOVE, graph_template.upy.REMOVE, and ireport_template.upy.REMOVE

C/C++ Compilers

  • Updated IAR TI MSP430 compiler configuration and made it available in C/C++ Strict mode


  • Fix previewer sync changing the selection to the file when the selected text is not found

Dependency Browser

  • Update Dependency Browser bidirectional edge display


  • Architecture Dependency Graphs add option to control whether entities are shown

MacOS General

  • Cmd+Ctrl+F should exit full screen on MacOS


  • Change the internal location of parse data and other local data to use the configurable Application Settings Location


  • Fix crash in refactor when "Analyze First" with an entity that becomes invalid during analysis

Language - C#

  • Fixed bug where some type references created unknown entities when type name lookup involved multiple levels of class extensions

Language - Fortran

  • Fixed syntax errors in fixed format files on use of hexadecimal literals beginning with # and ending with H

Language - Java

  • Fixed issue in API lexer where some uses 'f'/'F'/'d'/'D' as literal suffixes were not treated as part of the literal token

Known Issues

  • Strict Analysis doesn't start when using RHEL/Rocky 8.6 
  • Incorrect control flow graph when simplify macro expansion is enabled 
  • Understand freezes when opening a project with 100+ editor windows 
  • Collapsed code no longer accessible when modifying first line of a collapsed block