Build Notes (1106) - 17 Jun 2022


  • Make ignores list portable
  • Fix Duplicate ID error not taking the focus
  • Speed up Recommended check for unreachable code
  • Fix crash when saving CodeCheck treemap as an image.


  • Add edit actions for implicit calls to the editor context menu.


  • Improve error message from sample project download when downloaded zip didn't save.


  • Add the ability to jump to control flow graph nodes from the editor right-click menu.
  • Change graph searches to center the current item.
  • Fix bug where changing levels in call/called by architecture graphs blocked edges crossing architectures.
  • Turn on graphs "Highlight edges on hover" by default and update the effect from an ugly green color to a stylish glow.
  • Add analysis errors and warnings categorization to Project Overview Charts.


  • Add beta support Keil UVision project import - please send us feedback on this.


  • Fix a potential crash when running some Perl script user tools during the resolve.

Language - Java

  • Fixed some issues with loading classes from jar files that resulted in missing type warnings.
  • Fixed problem automatically locating Java 1.8 for new project configurations.
  • Fixed problem automatically locating lib/ for new project configurations on some systems.
  • Attempt to run java to find the default java version for new databases.

Language - Web

  • Made a change to not parse excluded css files when they are mentioned in a link tag.
  • For web/css, fixed bug where the tilde (~) combinator caused syntax errors unless delimited by spaces.

CodeCheck Checks

  • Add 51 new C and C++ checks!!
  • SciTools' Recommended Checks
    • RECOMMENDED_03: Fixed script error