(Build b1103) - 20 May 2022




  •     Add the ability to create graph plugins from architectures to the Perl and Python APIs.


  •     Instant search - fix highlighting in editor to be case insensitive.
  •     Instant search - fix search in string literals with whitespace escape sequences.
  •     Replace in Files - Add "Skip Review" option to Replace In Files.


  •     For files in the editor that have been deleted on disk, show title as struck through text and allow save shortcut to open save as dialog.


  •     Add an "Add Git Repository" button to the new project wizard. 


  •     Refactor rename: if a referenced name is not found but a c macro is at the referenced location and contains the referenced name, allow replacing the referenced name in the macro text. 
  •     Add inline scope refactor tool for c/c++ to change enum into enum class or remove "using namespace XXX" statements.



  •     Fix for drag & drop of a file into an unchecked split workspace that was opening in the checked workspace. 


  •     Add a commit selector allowing the user to navigate the git history easily.



  •      Add the ability to delete Bookmark category


  •     Add ent.add_to_arch method to the perl and python APIs
  •     Upython: Fix crash on ent.draw()



  •     Fix failure to expand tabs in report text



  •     Fix crash on analysis for languages that write errors/warnings before starting an analysis phase


  •     Fix for C/C++ fuzzy parser not showing 'missing includes'


  •     Fix regression in recording references to some constructor base initializers


  •     Add cast, derive, dotref, handle, hasenvironment, implement and raise references to the Pascal References IB field