(Build b1102) - 6 May 2022


  •     Add implement, import and throw references to the Basic References IB field



  •     Fix regression in setting font foreground color in Perl reports


  •     Remove implicit methods from LCOM metric calculation for c++


  •     Change the architecture column to include explicitly mapped non-file entities


  •     For Pascal/Delphi, changed relation from a generic formal parameter to a constraining type from a 'typed' relation to a 'use constrains' relation. Fixed bug where references to components of these constraining types sometimes generated 'unknown' entities.


  •     Changed references from type variables to types mentioned in constrains from 'implements' and 'extends' relations to 'use constrains'.


  •     Added 'use constrains' references for type names used as constraints on generic type parameters.
  •     Fixed syntax error on some uses of the '<>' operator.