(Build b1097) - 31 Mar 2022


  •     Update Qt to 6.2.3
  •     Update OpenSSL to version 1.1.1k
  •     Update Python to version 3.10
  •     Update Perl to 5.34.0
  •     Remove Understand 32 bit Windows support
  •     Remove PL/M & COBOL language support
  •     Fix performance issue on closing projects with a very large number of files.


  •     Visual studio import allow leading and trailing whitespace in conditions. 
  •     Add support for recognizing system include paths passed to MSVC with /external:I



  •     Changed Search Results to give focus to the editor instead of keeping focus.


  •     Fix Arch.ents([recursive]) to respect the recursive parameter.
  •     Accept `None` as the first argument to the entity comparison sync functions.
  •     Update & improve Python documentation.   


  •     Fixes for Ada UML Class Diagram.
  •     Add "Function Pointer" option to UML Sequence Diagram. 
  •     Calls/Called By non-classic variant graphs do partial reset on level change instead of full reset to preserve options like which nodes are hidden or highlighted. 
  •     Add "use ptr" dashed edge style to call graphs.  
  •     Limit Virtual Calls (overrides) and Assignment style to call graphs.
  •     Fix dependency graph "Choose Edges Shown" button not updating the graph after the first change.
  •     Prefer comparison graph variants when a comparison database is open. 


  •     Treemaps don't show unmapped entities when grouping by Architecture. 
  •     Show progress bar for changed entities calculation in changes treemap.


  •     Display CodeCheck results while processing so it is quicker to start seeing results. 
  •     Dependency Checks: Include exceptions in dependency check descriptions.
  •     Add new METRIC_13 check which reports on Maintainability Index metrics.     
  •     Add 22 AUTOSAR rules 
  •     Add option in AUTOSAR A4-7-1 which will increase speed but reduce accuracy.
  •     Add 15 new CPP checks
  •     Fix ADA language check, ADA_N000 naming conventions check to be case sensitive.
  •     Add 1 new MISRA12 check
  •     Add 1 new MISRA04 check
  •     Add 2 new MISRA08 checks


  •     Fixed unexpected expansions inside Architecture Designer's Textual View when dragging & dropping. 
  •     Fixed crash that occurred while editing architectures.
  •     Add Collapse Architecture to right click context menu for Architecture Designer.
  •     Change the collapse key from the '/' to the '-' in order to be consistent with the Architecture Browser.



  •     Unify compare entities from context menu and from global menu.
  •     Add a changed entity export to und (und export -changes).  
  •     Only show "comparison database analysis required" message once per comparison database. 
  •     Fix comparison projects panel duplicating open projects on double click on Windows. 
  •     Fix new git comparison database not working correctly when there are no other comparison databases. 
  •     Improve speed when comparing two git comparison projects.


  •     Improve string filters in changed entities window.
  •     Fix changed entity locator percent changed column filtering.


  •     Add missing "friend" reference to friend templates
  •     Fix failure to write metrics for structs in C files
  •     Mark compiler-generated functions as implicit


  •     Fixed bug where some lambda declarations caused syntax errors.


  •     Added 'final parameter' kind for parameters that have the 'final' modifier. 
  •     Added 'final' to the short kind text for all kinds that include final in the long kind name. 
  •     Improved annotation processing. Added new 'use annotation' kind for references to annotations. The annotation reference now links from the annotated entity instead of from the enclosing context.
  •     Fixed syntax errors on casted switch expression and on compact record constructor declarations.
  •     Fixed bug where some nested classes loaded from .jar files were duplicated in the understand database. 
  •     Added type parameters and extends/implements text as type text for classes and interfaces.
  •     Fixed bug where annotation interfaces loaded from .class files were given 'Interface' kind instead of 'Annotation Interface'.
  •     Added support for 'instanceof' with variable declaration for Java 16.
  •     Added support for Java 17 sealed classes.
  •     Added 'sealed' class and interface kinds.
  •     Made additional changes for Java record support.
  •     In the Information Browser, display a 'Type' text field for java generic entities that includes parameters, extends, implements, etc



  •     Made change to count assignment statements that declare a new variable as both declarative and executable statements and lines.
  •     Made change to count string literals used as no-op statements as comments.
  •     Changed control flow graphs to show calls to exit methods as paths to routine end instead of regular function calls.


  •     Reanalyze all files when the library setting is changed for any VHDL file