(Build b1094) - 24 Jan 2022



  • Delete icon missing from first page of new project wizard.



  • Fix regression in showing all graph variants in the popup menu



  • Add 38 CPP CodeChecks.
  • Add 1 MISRA 2008 CodeCheck.
  • Add 10 AUTOSAR CodeChecks.


  • Add the following functions to the Java API:
    • Reference::kind()
    • Ent::parent()
    • Ent::depends()
    • Ent::dependsby()
    • Ent::ents()
    • Reference::isforward()
    • Ent::filerefs()


  • Update wording on refactor "failed to rename result(s)" and fix case when two references at the same location caused one to appear failed.
  • Fix refactor rename bug where a second rename operation (without reparsing) would fail on any lines right after lines affected by the first rename operation.



  • Add switches to several und commands:
    •     For the metrics command, add a -summary switch to print summary count metrics to standard out.
    •     For the analyze command, add -errors, -warnings, and -accuracy to change what's output to standard out.
    •     For the add and remove commands, add an -analzyelater switch to import files to skip the automatic analysis of changes.


STRICT C/C++     

  • Avoid creating a "typed" reference to the base class in constructor base class initializers.
  • Fix failure to decode files containing a BOM.