This weekend we released Understand 2.5 (build 507).  Its main changes include:

  • Instant Search – a new feature that permits instant searching in even the largest bodies of code. Indexing starts after parsing ends. It operates in the background without holding up any other activities. When complete the search box in the upper right instantly answers your queries.
  • Dependency Graphs –  these replace our old dependency graphs with new layout, saving, and cool clustering, save, undo, and redo options. They use a much-updated layout engine, which we will roll into our other graphs and use to create new ones in the coming months.
  • Simplified LicensingUnderstand 2.5 includes all languages and all features. The only licensing difference, in terms of price, is the use of floating or specific developer licenses.  Understand 2.5 does use a new license – your old one will not run it permanently. Instead, it will operate for 30 days, giving you time to request a replacement license if you are under maintenance. This is done directly from Understand or via our website.
  • Pricing –  we have removed all levels and language variants. Understand 2.5 has it all. This will be our path going forward with new features as well.  The new price is a little higher and the only differentiation is if you need a Single Developer or Floating License.   If you are under maintenance you can update to Understand 2.5 without any cost. Nor will the higher price affect your maintenance going forward. It will remain 18% of your purchase price annually.
  • TrackBack Removed – this will be missed by many users, but we needed to focus on core analysis capabilities.
    Take heart, the engineer who wrote much of it will be taking it open source very soon. Look for an announcement here. To be notified by e-mail send a request to
  • Menu Revamping – menus were moved about and standardized to be more in common with most applications. Additionally, edit menu items are now contextual with editor and graph operations. As an application ages, menus become complex and suffer from bloat. We wanted to simplify and reduce clutter.
  • License Manager GUI with Improved Diagnostics – our old license manager does not need to be updated. If it is updated, or for new installations, a new License Manager GUI simplifies operation. Additionally, the server and clients have many more diagnostics embedded to diagnose any licensing manager problems.
  • And many hundreds of bug fixes and minor improvements.

We know change can make winners and losers. We’ve tried to make every user a winner with Understand 2.5. If we failed for you, let us know how, and we will try to sort it out and make you as happy as we can.