Understand 6.0 is now available (Build 1039.

Here is the list of the major features and upgrades in Understand 6.0.

  • Annotations have been completely overhauled and now function more like comments in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

    • New Annotations Viewer is a new sidebar view that displays the annotations in the current editor
    • New Annotations Browser displays and filters all annotations for the current open project
    • Added support for attachments within an annotation.
    • Bubble icon allows instant annotation creation from any line of code
    • Line based annotations now do a much better job of moving around to follow changes to the code
  • Architectures have been re-written to be more robust and easier to use and share - and they now have their own top-level menu

    • Build and populate architectures directly from the Project Browser, with the ability to hide already mapped entities
    • Add any entity to an Architecture (not just files) quickly and easily with drag and drop functionality directly from the Project Browser, the Editor, Graphs, and even other architectures inside the Architecture Browser.
    • Create new architectures instantly while adding new entities, similar to “tagging” in Gmail.
  • Easy Project Sharing with the entire team

    • Directory based projects instead of udb files. In 6.0, all of the necessary information needed to create a project is located in one directory and is text based and small enough to easily be checked in for sharing and Version Control. This is an example of the new project format:

MyUnderstand6Project.und (folder)

Annotation Files

Architecture Files

CodeCheck Files

Settings Files

  • User Interface

    • Improved Dark Mode support on all platforms - applied after changing your system to Dark Mode and restarting Understand
    • New Welcome Page
    • Improved Project Overview Graphs
    • Saving Project States so you always start where you left off
    • Graph styles have been updated and are customizable
  • Butterfly Compare Graphs now show a side by side comparison of the selected entities.

  • Codecheck now supports checks written in Python 3.

  • Larger Sample Projects to be more realistic

    • Two open source projects ship with Understand
    • Many other open source sample projects can be downloaded automatically from the new Welcome Page
    • Samples are pre-analyzed so they open much faster, letting you see the awesomeness right away.
  • Projects can now also be created by importing

    • Microsoft Visual Studios 2019 Projects (Requires that VS 2019 be installed)
    • Apple XCode Projects