(Build b1081) - 29 Sep 2021


  •     Updated embedded python to 3.9.7.


  • Added 6 more AUTOSAR checks.


  •     Fix regression in showing some search queries (like dates) in the instant search results window.



  •     Fix c api lexer so that character and string literal tokens include any provided prefix

  • Dependency checks are available and can be found under the CodeCheck top level menu.
  • Link Mode / Compile Mode option to allow dependencies in C/C++ to go to the header file instead of the definition file. This allows dependencies to unresolved entities.
  • Better support for multiply defined entities.
  • Architectures with files use file dependency rules, respecting link/compile mode.
  • Architectures with a mix of entity kinds now use an exception style calculation meaning a directly tagged entity won't contribute to a directly tagged parent's dependencies.
  • Dependency browser right tree in smart mode now matches what dependency calculation returns instead of always grouping by definition file.

  • Dependency graphs updated to use variants, cluster variant available for classes and files.
  • Butterfly architecture dependency graph is available again.
  • Progress icon added to graph toolbar, graphs that are currently generating show the progress icon instead of a busy cursor.