While we strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with the GUI first, command line functionality is available in Understand. Projects, reports and metrics can be created using the tool und. And there are several API’s available for accessing the information programmatically. Note that generating graphs from the command line or using the APIs will still require that X11 be installed on the machine since the images are generated using X11 libraries.

To install Understand from the command line simply extract it from the .tgz bundle into the desired location. Here is an example of a command to download the und CLI. Please note this may not be the latest version of Understand:

Once extracted, license information will need to be entered using the appropriate method from below. You can test if there is a valid license by running Und in interactive mode (scitools/bin/linux64/und) 

Details on specifying your license from the command line are here. In most cases you can just run

scitools/bin/linux64/und -setlicensecode XXXXXXXXXX