You can integrate version control with Understand via User Tools.

First, download the configuration files here:

Subversion (SVN) (10.3 KB)
CVS (8.1 KB)
Perforce (3.4 KB)
Git (8.6 KB)  

If you don’t see your version control system on here, new user tools can be made quite easily. 

After saving the file, import the tools via the Tools->User Tools->Configure->Import button. After importing go through each new User Tool to correct any paths that may be different on your system. 

When finished you will have right click menu options like: “User Tools->SVN” on any right click of a file or entity that is within a file. 

I didn’t bind shortcut keys to any of these commands but you can if desired in the Tools->Options->Keybinding->User Tools menu.