Our goal for the Understand editor was to provide an IDE equal to the top programming editors, but also give it lots of features for maintaining and understanding code. And that’s what we’ve achieved — the best programming editor for maintaining code. 

All Modern Editor Features 

The Understand GUI incorporates modern features like tabs, tab groups and docking, to name just a few. The editor has all the features you would expect, such as syntax colorization, auto-completion and syntax-based collapsing & folding. 

Preprocessor Support
In the C portion of the editor, when working in C-preprocessing regions, the option is there to hide or show active & inactive regions. This is a huge benefit for users working extensively with the C-preprocessor. 

Unused Code
The editor has an option to highlight unused code so you can quickly see which code is never called. You can enable the unused code highlighting in the advanced editor options. 

Browse Mode
The “browse mode” in Understand turns the editor into a web browser for code. Essentially, Understand shifts from the editing mode to browsing, and as you move around in the code it pushes information about the code to you as you work. This makes understanding your code very easy, just click on what you want to know about and all the information is readily available. To access Browse Mode just select View->Browse mode from the main menu. You can also hold down Ctrl to temporarily enable browse mode. 

Customize Your Workspace
Understand lets you create your own customized workspace to organize information, palettes, source code, etc. No need to choose between separate windows (SDI model) or an all-in-one window (MDI model), this GUI operates in a whole new way. You can put windows anywhere you want. You can place windows inside other windows. You can drag them out and put them on another monitor. Whatever works best for the job you’re doing.