With the Understand C API your applications can directly access code information from Understand.

The C API is included with Understand and the API documentation walks through how to use the C API. That documentation is out of date and includes functions that are no longer available. You can see the latest functions available in the API by opening the header file installed with SciTools\bin\pc-win64\C\udb.h

You can download a sample C API project here and the API Tutorial also provides information on using the C API.

Using the C API from within a Visual Studio Project

Here are the steps for setting up a Visual Studio project to access the API. Note: we did this with VS 2013, other versions of Visual Studio may be different.

  1. Project Setup:
    a) Right click on the Project and select Properties->C+±>General->Additional Include Directories
    – add the directory where the .h file resides – C:\Program Files\SciTools\bin\pc-win64\C
    b) Right click on the Project and select Properties->C+±>Linker->Input->Additional Dependencies – add the full name of the .lib – C:\Program Files\SciTools\bin\pc-win64\C\udb_api.lib
    c) If using the 64 bit version of the API the executable needs to be created as a 64 bit executable as well: Right Click on the Project, Select Configuration Manager and create an x64 Platform.
  2. #include “udb.h” in the code files using the API
  3. Running the created executables requires that the Understand directory and the C API directory both be part of the system PATH. Add C:\Program Files\SciTools\bin\pc-win64\ and C:\Program Files\SciTools\bin\pc-win64\C