Maximizing performance on a large code base

  • More RAM is useful, we recommend 1Gb for each million lines of code.
  • Source can be on a network, the database should be local. The database is the .und file.
  • If the system is gigantic (say > 8 MSLOC) you might want to use the ‘und’ command line parser to do it in batch overnight.
  • Consider very closely what reports you want to generate and what are not needed. In particular, avoid the Invocation Tree report if not needed. It takes a lot of memory and time to generate if the system is really large.
  • You can automate report generation with “und”. Do it overnight when your computer isn’t busy.
  • You can get a lot of information without all of the source. For C/C++, consider providing just header files in some areas where detailed implementation analysis resolution isn’t needed. For Ada, consider only providing Specs for some areas.
  • For C/C++, if you are more interested in high-level program information, you can disable references to local objects, parameters and inactive code in the project configuration.
  • Did we mention… More RAM is handy…