We’ve had code dependency analysis in Understand for many years and have consolidated it into a functional area of the tool, improved what it does, and also added a few dependency views.

The Dependency Analysis capability provides these features:

  • Rapid browsing of dependencies for files and Understand architectures
  • List “dependent”, and “dependent on” entities, for files and architectures
  • Spreadsheet export of dependency relationships
  • A Dependency Browsing dock that shows all dependency information

Lots of Data

To calculate dependencies we examine every reference in an Understand project. We then build up a dependency data structures for every file and architecture. This includes the nature of the dependency and the references that caused the dependency. All of this data is instantly available for quick exploration and browsing.

Exploring Dependencies

See the dependencies for any file, directory or architecture by right clicking on the entity and selecting ”View Dependencies” from the context menu.

The Dependency Browser then pops up, by default docked to the bottom of the interface.

The browser has many options available to customize the window to your needs, and once you have it like you want, you can export the dependencies to a csv file.