During normal operation, Understand communicates with our license server, Helios (licensing.scitools.com) on a regular basis. This information is secured using SSL. We do not share this information and it is only used for licensing purposes.

  • Product Id - This is hard coded into the software

  • Machine Name - This is the computer’s DNS name

  • Machine Id - This is a checksum of some hardware and software components.

  • Username - The current user account launching Understand

  • Build date - The date when Understand was built

  • Build number - the version number of Understand

  • Current Time - What time it is where Understand is being run

  • License Code - The current license code being used

  • Expiration Date - When Understand thinks the license will expire

  • Installation Id - This is a code generated by Helios the first time it sees a new machine

  • Session Id - Each instance of Understand is assigned a session by Helios when Understand is started multiple times on the same machine.

For users of our closed lab license server Icarus, the information Understand sends is the same and there is no communication between Icarus and Helios.