A node locked license is a license for Understand that will work for all users of a given machine. A node locked license will only work for users physically using that machine. The node locked license will not work for users logging into the machine remotely.

Node lock license setup instructions:
This process requires admin privileges

  1. Open a terminal and cd to the SciTools\bin\<OS> folder
  2. Create the Nodelock Request Code with the command "und -createnodelockrequestcode" ( This step requires admin rights so on Linux machines, use sudo )
  3. Continue with the license checkout process using the below guide. Ignore the step that directs you to create a request code, we will use the Nodelock request code we just generated instead. Once you have your reply code and date, return to this guide.
    Offline License Checkout
  4. For Understand 6.0 and newer, use this command "und -setnodelockreplycode XXXXXXXXXX -expiration XXXX-XX-XX". For Understand 5.0, use this command "und -setnodelockreplycode XXXXXXXX -setnodelockreplydate XXXX-XX-XX"
    ( This step requires admin rights ).

Other Node Lock Commands
Return Nodelock - this invalidates the license and creates a return code for Helios that will allow the license to be used on a new machine "und -shownodelockreturncode"
Contine with the license checkin using the following guide. Ignore the first step that instructs the user to create a return code, we will use the Nodelock return code we have already generated.

Returning an Offline License

Show Existing Nodelock Request Code - "und -shownodelockrequestcode"

Extend Nodelock - Nodelock licenses can be extended so they don't have to be checked back in when it comes time to renew your license. Simply log into licensing.scitools.com, find your Nodelock license card, and select Options->Extend Offline License. Helios will prove an extension code and date we can use in Understand. The command looks like this "und -extendnodelockcode XXXXXXX -extendnodelockdate XXXX-XX-XX" ( This step requires admin rights ).