We added this feature to make it easier for users who use Understand offline and then renew their subscriptions and want the fastest and easiest way to get that renewed license applied to the already offline license. It is also possible to only checkout a license offline for a short period of time rather than checking it out until the license expires. If you have checked out the license for 2 weeks and then determine that you need to add another week to that offline license, this extension feature can be used for that as well.

You will need to be running Understand build 1008 or newer, have access to the account for the license on licensing.scitools.com as well as access to the machine that the license is checked out to.

In licensing.scitools.com find the checked out license and select Options->Extend Offline License

Take note of the Name and Offline Code, so that it can be manually verified on the machine running Understand to ensure the correct license/machine is being extended, enter the date you want the license extended to (any date after today and prior to the license expiration date) and click the blue ‘Extend’ button

A message will then provide the new offline code and new expiration date that need to be entered in the Understand GUI as well as the command to enter that information via the terminal.

In the Understand GUI, go to Help->Licensing. Verify that the ‘Offline Code’ is the same one that was shown in licensing.scitools.com that you took note of. Click on Options->Extend Offline Code

Enter the new code and the new date that was provided in the blue popup

Select ‘OK’ and the license will be extended in offline mode until the new Expiration Date.