(Build b1068) - 9 Jun 2021


  • Fix graph search losing focus when synced graphs are also open.
  • Add options to include unresolved entities and include global objects to cluster call graph.
  • Make Highlight Path to Selected Nodes a node option instead of a graph option so that other highlight options (clear, hide unhighlighted nodes, hide unhighlighted edges) work.
  • Fix clusters in UML Sequence Diagram not visiting source on alt+click.
  • Add an icon for toggling the legend visibility to the graph toolbar.
  • Add a minimap to graphs.
  • Sync control flow graph clicks to the previewer.
  • Fix compare butterfly diff view not getting correct comparison project text.


  • Better support for Linux dark mode.


  • Fix regression in saving info browser expansion state and options.


  • Don’t show edit actions in context menu when editor is readonly.


  • Update uperl to version 5.34.0


  • Reduce false positives in Effective CPP 20 for parameters passed by pointer and parameters passed as part of a namespace.


  • Fixed parameters() for python entities.


  • Add support for Oracle Developer Studio c++ compiler.


  • Fix failure to exclude found includes from excluded directories when analyzing an empty project.
  • Fix truncation of associated entity comments.


  • Fixed bug where type casts using tuple types caused syntax errors.
  • Fixed bug where case guards in some switch expressions caused syntax errors.
  • Fixed syntax errors on byte order marks that appear after comments in a source file.
  • Fixed bug where some uses of case guards caused syntax errors.