(Build b1064) - 7 May 2021


  • Introducing the Session Browser where you can save different states of your currently opened project. Duplicate a session to fork or add a new session to start from a clean slate. Access this feature in Windows->Session Browser.


  • Allow collapsing left pane of metrics browser.
  • Fix crash when closing some drawered dock windows.


  • File History Diff: change the default to follow only the first parent. Add a “Show Decision Points” option in the dimple menu to allow following other parents.
  • Info Browser History: include some merges and show the history field for unparsed files that have a git history.
  • Fix error in commit diff view not showing working copy correctly.
  • Update labels in the commit diff view.


  • Added a Python Codecheck template and updated the custom codecheck readme to include Python API in the tutorial.


  • Und add -exclude switch to handle single quoted strings.
  • Und: Convert command line arguments from Unicode instead of the 8-bit locale on Windows.


  • Strict: Enable built-in __is_destructible type trait in all modes.


  • Visual Studio Import - don’t strip quotes from macros.


  • Change entities locator to show filtered count.


  • Cluster call graphs remember aggregation setting dependent on root entity kind (file/class/function).
  • Fix UML Sequence Diagram crash on recursive functions with the “All Levels” option. Each recursive call will now show at most once.
  • Fix context menu of labels on UML Sequence Diagram.


  • Fix Find in Files handling of multibyte characters.


  • Remove Changed Entities Interactive Report since the features are duplicated in the Changed Entity viewer.


  • Fix a crash in python api ent.depends.


  • Fixed bug where inheriting from a renamed imported class resulted in an unknown class entity.


  • Made change to treat Fortran entries as executable units. Entries now have control flow graphs, call information, and complexity metrics separate from the parent subprogram.


  • Fixed bug where the use of modifying assignment operators such as ‘+=’ applied to an array component created both ‘modify’ and ‘use partial’ references to the array instead of a single ‘modify partial’ reference.


  • For Web/Typescript, fixed bug where imports from ambient modules with the same name as project files resulted in unresolved variable references.
  • For Web/Typescript, fixed some issues with imports between ambient modules. Also, fixed invalid short names of entities in ambient modules with names containing ‘/’ characters.
  • For Web/Typescript, improved handling of Typescript Index Signatures.
  • For Web/Javascript, added new ‘define implicit set’ relation for properties created using an assignment statement.
  • For Web/Javascript, fixed some issues interpreting prototype settings on functions.
  • For Web/Javascript, fixed bug where some cases of chained imports and exports created unknown entities.
  • For Web/Html, fixed bug where syntax errors were sometimes reported with an incorrect location.
  • For Javascript, Add support for javascript interface entities in dependency determination.
  • For Javascript/Php, Add Classes and Interfaces Info Browser fields for javascript and php files.