(Build b1062) - 2 Apr 2021


  • Fix dependency browser and graphs for DependedOn views of files
  • Fixed legacy project conversion on Windows of a relative-mode project.


  • Fix refactor rename tool when there are overloaded functions that also have overrides.


  • Improve graph zoom for graphs with rich text.
  • Improve graph restoration to also remember splitter states, cursor mode, and reuse/sync state. Use the last splitter position for new graphs.
  • Add a level option to the UML Sequence Diagram.


  • Fix scope list drop-down style for dark mode on Windows.
  • Remove unnamed namespaces and lambda functions from the entity scope list.


  • Make javascript classes visible in metrics browser
  • Fix ‘defn file’ option for javascript ‘Possible Definitions’ IB field.
  • Made change to allow integer literals to be used as class method names.
  • Added support for ‘module’ as src type in html.
  • Fixed bug where ‘readonly’ in some contexts caused a syntax error.
  • Changed kind of arrow functions to ‘unnamed function’.
  • For Web/Javascript and Typescript, fixed problems with references to entities exported using 'export default ’ syntax.
  • Fixed bug where a Typescript ambient module with it’s declaration split between files created multiple modules instead of one merged module.
  • Fix right-click lookup of javascript filenames in source code