(Build b1058) - 15 Mar 2021


  • Fixed invalid circular dependency error when defining a class named ‘TObject’.
  • Fixed short name on Environment entities that with names containing a ‘.’ character.
  • Fixed syntax error in some uses of var declarations in for statements.
  • Fixed syntax error on hex literals beginning with ‘%x’ in Compaq/HP/Dec pascal.


  • Made array component access reference kinds ‘Partial’ references.
  • Fixed bug where after an overloaded method call created an ‘unknown’ entity because of missing type information, subsequent calls to the same named method in the same context were also not resolved.


  • Fix Font errors on Windows when the Graph Window Reuse checkbox is used with cluster graphs.


  • Fix bug where clicking the current project on the welcome page would re-open it on Windows.


  • Completed check for Effective C++ Item 16: Use the same form in corresponding uses of new and delete.
  • Completed check for Effective C++ Item 20: Prefer pass-by-reference-to-const to pass-by-value.
  • Completed check for Effective C++ Item 17: Store new objects in smart pointers in standalone statements.