(Build b1057) - 5 Mar 2021


  • Git Integration has now been added into Understand
  • Added a Blame Margin in the Editor available in Tools->Options->Editor.
  • Added an inline blame option in the Editor, available in Tools->Options->Editor->Advanced Options
  • Added file history to the info browser for files with Git information.
  • Added a file history diff view for files with Git information, accessed by clicking on a commit in the Blame Margin or Information Browser.


  • Completed check for Effective C++ #35: “Consider alternatives to virtual functions”.
  • Completed check for Effective C++ #36: “Never redefine an inherited non-virtual function”.
  • Completed check for Effective C++ #4: “Make sure that objects are initialized before they are used”.


  • Added statement text to ‘try with resources’ nodes on the control flow graph.
  • Fixed bug where generic methods returning a type parameter and called with implicit type arguments did not get assigned the correct return type.
  • Added a ‘modify partial’ reference kind for uses of an object as a prefix to a modified member (for example ‘a’ in ‘a.b++’). Added ‘deref’ to all ‘partial’ reference kinds for consistency with c++.
  • Added ‘Partial’ to the displayed kind text for all ‘partial’ references.


  • Allow toggling specific markers (find highlight, modified lines, etc) in the radar scroll bar through Tools->Options->Editor->Advanced.


  • For Web/Javascript, fixed some problems with properties created using assignment statements.


  • Updated ui for all diff views in Understand