(Build b1055) - 19 Feb 2021


  • Check: “Throw exceptions by value, not by pointer”. Added option to ignore inactive/ifdef’d code.
  • Check: “A variable which is not modified shall be const qualified”. Added option to increase time of check but with the biproduct of some false positives.
  • Check: “Floating point expressions shall not be directly or indirectly tested for equality or inequality”. Added option to skip typedefs which will increase the speed of the check.
  • Check: “A for loop shall contain a single loop-counter which shall not have floating type”. Improved accuracy.
  • Check: “Unnecessary includes”. Added option to ignore standard library headers.
  • Added option to MISRA recursive checks to limit recursion limit to optionally increase speed.


  • For Web/Javascript, made changes to better handle ambiguous references to properties defined in object literals.