(Build b1050) - 22 Jan 2021


  • Fix crash after prompt to analyze when a metric treemap is open


  • Add an editor margin indicator for modified lines. Modified lines also appear in the radar scroll bar.

  • Show a radar view in the editor window vertical scroll bar for find, references, and persistent highlights.


  • Made change to prevent possible crash when parsing code which is generating syntax errors.


  • Move the Project Overview Charts out of the Metrics menu and into the Project menu renamed as Project Overview.

  • Add a parse accuracy score to Project Overview. Accuracy is only shown when analyzing all files with the overview open. Clicking it links to Project Configuration, opening the language page for the language with the most errors.

  • Add charts after analyze all of projects with multiple languages for errors and warnings by language and parsed files by language.

  • Fix potential crash on tab/window activation during resolve


  • Added several new scripts written in Python


  • Fix failure to unquote single-quoted arguments in buildspy and build log import


  • Fix incorrect drag-and-drop mode of entities from automatic architectures