(Build b1048) - 9 Jan 2021


  • Fix bug where scope list toolbar was inactive after an editor window was captured.


  • Fix bug where ireport error messages multiply with each analyze.


  • Fix failure to add/remove bookmarks from the context menu


  • Fixed upl api Db::ents() method broken in b1047, where the kind string was ignored.


  • For the Control Flow Graph, treat lambda functions like function calls. Lambda function contents are now shown as “…” and can be expanded into a graph representation when “Allow Call Expansion” is on.
  • Compare Control Flow graph now shows the diff panel like the Compare Butterfly graph.


  • In Window Selector, don’t activate windows on right click.
  • Improve “Most Recently Used” tab activation between released and captured windows, and when ctrl+w was used to close the window(s).


  • Allow typing a path in the open project dialog on windows/linux.


  • Refactor rename: allow users to choose whether to also rename overrides (on by default).


  • Added support for ‘yield’ statements in switch expressions.
  • Fixed several problems with name lookup.
  • Fixed bug where in some cases no unknown entity was created for a referenced component of an unknown type or variable.
  • Fixed several issues with name lookup and an invalid syntax error on some ‘.class’ expressions.


  • Show analysis progress bar and analysis statistics for analyze all.
  • Clicking on statistics in the grey header bar opens relevant Understand windows (analysis log, entity filter, metrics browser).
  • When no charts are available (like during first analysis), hints are shown.