(Build b1047) - 25 Dec 2020


  • Add a “compare control flow graph” that generates when a compare database is set.
  • Cluster graph styles now inherit values from the default style, and all matching styles apply their non-inherited values. Styles identical to default are hidden in graph legends.
  • Rename Butterfly Compare graph to Compare Butterfly, and Object References Compare graph to Compare Object References.


  • Fixed bug where a call to an unknown method could generate a call reference to a same named method defined within the class where the call was made. Also, fixed problems with overload resolution involving varargs parameters.
  • Added support for Java 15 text blocks.


  • Fix bug where restoration of cluster call graphs aggregated by architecture lost node options (like which nodes were expanded into clusters).
  • Fix cluster call edge indicators when virtual calls are being shown.


  • Imported XCodeProjects now handle $(SRCROOT), $(PROJECT_DIR), and nested xcode projects.


  • Improve efficiency of upl Db::ents() for large db’s